Coaching Resources

  • Beginning Coaches Info Packet

    This packet will help new coaches learn how to run an Odyssey of the Mind team.  Learn how to manage a practice and to guide a team towards setting goals and accomplishing tasks.

  • Coaching Technical Components

    This document will help coaches understand how to assist teams in overcoming roadblocks and other challenges with the technical aspects of their problem.

  • Creative Uses of Materials

    Check out this presentation for some inspiration on types of materials to use for costumes and set production.

  • Critical and Creative Thinking

    A document that contains a collection of resources from outside sources that include number of techniques that help encourage students to be more creative in their thinking.

  • General Information for Coaches

    This packet provides the general information that coaches needs to know to navigate the Odyssey of the Mind program and to help coach their teams to success. 

  • Outside Assistance Guidelines

    This document describes what Outside Assistance is in detail, along with how to recognize it and avoid it. It was authored by Carole Mikulus and the International Problem Captains.

  • Script Writing

    This presentation will provide coaches with techniques to help their teams understand the different parts of a script and how to organize their ideas.

  • Spontaneous Coaching Guide

    What is spontaneous? What types of problems are there? How do I help my team do their best in Spontaneous? This guide from NJ Odyssey of the MInd’s Spontaneous problem captain, Jess Frye, answers those questions and more.

  • Spontaneous Quick Challenges

    A compilation of concise versions of previously published Odyssey of the Mind spontaneous problems assembled by Craig Hodgson, NY Odyssey of the Mind.

  • Team Forms Review

    This presentation reviews the various required forms that teams will need to provide on the day of competition.

  • Team Registration and Tournaments

    This guide will help coaches learn how to register your team, volunteers, and officials for the regional tournament.  This includes instructions on how to navigate the International Odyssey of the Mind site. 

  • Unpacking the Membership Packet

    Need help understanding the materials in your membership packet? This presentation reviews all the long term problem, program guide and how to login to your account.

  • Where Do I Start?

    I’m a new coach! Where do I start? How do I form a team? Select students? How do we choose a problem? This document briefly outlines some key tips and suggestions on how to answer all of these questions, and more.