Congratulations to our 2018 World Finals Teams!


New Jersey Odyssey of the Mind would like to offer our official congratulations to all of the New Jersey teams who competed at the 2018 Worlds Finals at Iowa State University! We couldn’t be prouder of our teams and the way they supported each other throughout the week!

These teams placed 15th or higher at the competition:

  • JP Stevens High School A – 1st place, Problem 4, Division 3
  • Washington School White, Milburn – 2nd Place, Problem 2, Division 1
  • Westfield Wilson School, Westfield – 5th Place, Problem 1, Division 1
  • Glenwood School, Milburn – 5th Place, Problem 3, Division 1
  • Oradell Kids Foundation, Oradell – 6th Place, Problem 1, Division 3
  • Carteret Middle School, Carteret – 6th Place, Problem 2, Division 2
  • Woodstown High School, Woodstown – 8th Place, Problem 3, Division 3
  • Collingswood Rec Program, Collingswood – 8th Place, Problem 5, Division 2
  • Martin Luther King Elementary School, Edison – 10th Place, Problem 4, Division 1
  • JP Stevens High School B, Edison – 10th Place, Problem 4, Division 3
  • Washington School Blue, Milburn – 11th Place, Problem 4, Division 1
  • Oradell Public School, Oradell – 12th Place, Problem 3, Division 2
  • Glenwood School, Milburn – 12th Place, Problem 5, Division 1
  • Woodstown High School, Woodstown – 12th Place, Problem 5, Division 3
  • JP Stevens High School C, Edison – 15th Place, Problem 1, Division 3

In addition Princeton High School A, Problem 1, Division 3 received the Ranatra Fusca Creativity Award:

“This team showed exceptional creativity and risk-taking in the creation of their vehicle’s propulsion system and design. The vehicle used a system of hand made wooden ge

ars that was powered by a riveted rowing-machine style of propulsion. The driver of the vehicle used his feet and legs to engage the propulsion system. The gears could be easily changed to switch from forward to reverse motion, similar to a motorcycle clutch. The vertical sawing motion had to engage three different sized saw tooth gears.

When one of the straps broke, the driver kept the vehicle going using only one leg in spite of how difficult it was to propel the vehicle in this way. The judging team believes this team is worthy of a Ranatra Fusca award due to the extreme risk-taking nature and exceptional creativity of the team’s propulsion system and vehicle design.

Complete scores can be found on the World Finals 2018 website.

We can’t wait to see what our teams will come up with next year! Check out the problem synopsis < link to> to start brainstorming.

Good luck and see you in September!